Best Of iOS + Android App @ VMG

Objective: One of the company's most important pieces of localized editorial content is their Best Of brand, an annual list of the best-of-the-best in a metropolitan market.  From the best bowling alley to the best graffiti artist, each edition seeks to create new and interesting twists on the location award convention.  And it is a huge hit, typically being the most profitable single edition of the weekly papers each year, and plaques and stickers scattered around LA or Manhattan or Denver bars and restaurants (believe me, once you're tuned in you'll definitely see a few).  The task was to take two terribly designed native apps (outsourced of course) and redesign them to re-imagine Best Of as a national brand, not just a single-edition paper, and create new ways for users to engage with the content and be apart of the fun through voting, reviews and comments.  Along with all this, there was the need to blend the fun light-reading of the annual editions with the utility capabilities of mobile phones to help users quickly find great bars, restaurants and activities while out-and-about.

Result: A more recent redesign to bring the iOS version up-to-date with the new design standards created by iOS is still in development, but the version before (which I also designed the UX+UI for) is live and available in the Apple iOS and Android app stores.

Takeaway: This was a great project because I truly had so much faith in this content and had grand visions of how it could some day be used to create a serious competitor to the likes of Yelp and Urbanspoon. Though it never reached those heights,  it was still fun hypothesizing the possibilities of a community-driven awards system that helped local residents and visitors alike find new and fun corners of their cities to explore.

Below, some app views of the latest proposed redesign.