A little more about me...


10+ years working professionally on tackling UX and design challenges, researching and advancing the needs of users, and advocating for them in both large-scale, industry leading companies as well as small, collaborative start-up teams.

Solve complex problems with polished, neat, data-backed solutions and deliverables.

Skilled in balancing business goals and requirements with the essential needs and wants of a user, and willing to go to bat for them in a board room or conference call.

Leadership in cross functional, creative teams. Relish in synergistic, diverse teams of skilled colleagues working side-by-side to bring innovative designs and problem-solving solutions to users, customers and guests.

Solid history of effective and complementary work with other UXers, developers, stakeholders, visual designers, and business leaders to bridge divides and get things done.



If you are looking for someone who's dedicated to bringing exceptional experiences to life, let's talk.